April 2011

Fence is UP at Boggs Tract!

After a long hard weekend of work, the fence is up at Boggs Tract Community Farm! Jeremy Terhune, PUENTES Executive Director, offers a very special THANK YOU to the following people and organizations for donating their time and resources  to build our fabulous fence: Boy Scout Troop  
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‘Landmark’ Global Warming Bill Outsources Solutions, Putting the Burden on Poor Communities in California and Mexico

California leads the United States in energy efficiency, and is often hailed as a global beacon of environmental protection; at the same time, it is the 12th largest emitter of carbon dioxide worldwide, making the state a significant driver of climate change. Any efforts to reduce the
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Eco-farming can double food output in developing world

Many farmers in developing nations can double food production within a decade by shifting to ecological agriculture from use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, a U.N. report showed on Tuesday. Insect-trapping plants in Kenya and Bangladesh’s use of ducks to eat weeds in ric
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Income should not determine access to healthy food…

Obesity’s hidden factor: high cost of healthy meals End childhood obesity within a generation – this is the goal of first lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative. Mrs. Obama’s campaign focuses on sedentary children and lots of unhealthy snacking as the driv
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Gardeners can help safeguard imperiled plants

Plants are pulling a vanishing act, and gardeners may have to play a larger role on the world stage if vulnerable species are to be preserved and restored. Imperiled animals and birds generally get top billing, said James Wandersee, a botanist and educator at Louisiana State Universit
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S.J. teen epidemic of sugared drinks

STOCKTON – Stockton teenagers have a drinking problem, but in this case, it’s not about alcohol. It’s about kids getting fat. Their drink of choice is sugar-sweetened beverages – sodas, sports drinks and juices. Legal to have anywhere and sold virtually everywh
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