June 2011

McDiabetes: Will McDonald’s Ever Stop Peddling Its Killer Junk to Kids?

McDonald’s should heed a call from some of the nation’s leading health professionals and stop marketing junk food to kids. It certainly has good reason to do so. One in three children is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes at some point in their lives as a result of die
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Research suggests that Climate Change is Destabilizing the Food System

A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself By JUSTIN GILLIS, NY Times, June 4, 2011 CIUDAD OBREGÓN, Mexico — The dun wheat field spreading out at Ravi P. Singh’s feet offered a possible clue to human destiny. Baked by a desert sun and deliberately starved of water, the plants were parc
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VIDEO: Boggs Tract Community Farm Cleanup

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Boggs Tract Community Farm: Ripping, Discing, and Leveling Soil

After installing a fence around the perimeter,  PUENTES has begun to prepare the soil at the Boggs Tract Community Farm by ripping, discing, and leveling the soil (thanks for your help Baylor’s Services Inc.). Moving forward, we will begin surveying and laying out our farm desig
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Farming in a Challenging Climate

The deep, almost inherent, adaptability and resilience of the world’s farmers makes them well suited to deal with a changing climate. But they are also dealing with limits to usable land and water, rising populations and the near-insatiable appetites of the world’s fast-expanding midd
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