February 2012

Report Reveals Huge Benefits of Community Farming Schemes

An impact assessment of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in England has found the pioneering farming schemes are providing huge benefits not only to thousands of members, but also their communities, local economies and the environment. CSA offers an innovative approach to reconne
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What You Need to Know About Fried Foods

Despite what the research might suggest, fried foods aren’t good for you. By Emily Main “Fried foods don’t cause heart disease!” “Fried foods are healthy!” The headlines about a new study from Spain were hard to miss this week, after researchers the
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A Garden City for the 21st Century

Aberdeen, a city in Scotland, is not only transforming its urban center into a garden and cultural center, but also making sure the proposed designs suit the needs of the public. An upcoming referendum will gauge public support for the designs created by landscape architects OLIN, arc
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