SJC Community Garden

Client: SJC Community Garden
Date:Apr 04, 2011


The Community Garden is a cornerstone of PUENTES operations. It refers to the farm-subsidized family gardening plots on Boggs Tract. Its’ purpose is so people in the underserved community can have the opportunity to plant and harvest in an urban setting, carrying this knowledge and experience to their own spaces and inspiring not only a more healthy lifestyle for themselves, but for their friends and family. When someone purchases an annual family plot, currently priced at the rate of $60 per year, they receive more than the plot. Seeds, equipment rentals, water, gas, electric, maintenance to the boxes, training, and security (camera surveillance) is also included.

The amount of fresh produce and vegetables gleaned on a plot can provide a supplementation that would otherwise be predominantly boxed and processed foods for the plot holder’s diet. In addition to nutritional benefits, the exercise, new skills learned and healthy community involvement has been shown to branch into other urban gardens, such as the BUFA farm.