Urban Forestry

Date:Apr 05, 2017

PUENTES Urban Forestry Projects

Funded by Cal Fire and Cal ReLeaf, PUENTES has created a series of local partnerships to advance three projects during the 2017-2020 period. The first, working together with our neighboring Washington School and Community Center, and the Port of Stockton, is a pilot project to transform the tree canopy of our surrounding Boggs Tract neighborhood. The work started with the Arboranza festival in April 2017. With Cal ReLeaf financial support and assistance from PG & E at the Arboranza, we started the planting of over two hundred trees at the Farm, the school and the Port. This is being followed with workshops for the community, volunteer participation in tree planting, and the sponsorship of outdoor ecology training for Washington School children.

The second project, financed by Cal Fire, is an effort to spread the work of our Boggs Tract pilot project more broadly across the community. Working together with the Port of Stockton, Stockton Unified School District, the San Joaquin County Office of Education, Ten Space Development, and the San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, we will add more than 1200 trees to the Stockton tree canopy. Some of these trees will be added to the campuses of ten more Stockton schools, and children from these schools will participate in tree plantings and an ecology training program at the Durham Ferry Outdoor Learning Center. Other partners will also host tree plantings and other community activities that will expand the tree canopies at the Port, the Fairgrounds and in downtown Stockton. Students from Stagg High School will participate in the SLEWS outdoor education program at Durham Ferry, and along with students in the Great Valley Conservation Corps will have an opportunity to develop practical and occupational skills in urban forestry work. Our private-public partnership will also encourage residents and businesses in the surrounding areas to get involved in our tree planting activities.

The third project, the development of a tree nursery and expansion of the Boggs Tract Community Farm food orchard, is being developed to support the two partner projects. Trees cultivated at the Farm will be made available to neighbors, businesses, and other community residents who take part in training programs and commit themselves to Cal Fire maintenance standards. The initial tree stock will be based on our native Valley Oaks and later expanded to other species that are especially suited to the local environment.

At the beginning of 2018, PUENTES joined the city of Stockton and a number of other organizations in the development of a Transformative Climate Communities planning project sponsored by the state of California. The PUENTES role in the project will focus on the conduct of a tree inventory. In all these urban forestry projects PUENTES benefits from the professional expertise and collaboration of Gamboni Landscape Architects.

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