Build Equity Through Sustainable Technology

Boggs Tract
Community Farm

Instead of giving hand-outs to under-served community members, PUENTES promotes the empowerment of people to grow and utilize their own food resources through the development of urban farms.

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Nurbaculture Program

Natural Urban Farming, or nurbaculture, is the practice of recovering broken cultural connections to the land, increasing food security, and providing economic opportunities in farming by using ecologically sustainable farming techniques to cultivate, process, and distribute food in or around villages, towns, cities or other concentrations of population.

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SJC Fair
Community Garden

The San Joaquin Fair has donated space to PUENTES to plant a community garden in a 10 x 800 area year round at the Fair. The Fair has made this area available, helped prepare it for planting, donate some vegetable plants, provide water and electricity outlets.

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