Now your Cell Phone can help you garden???

A New Customizable Application for Farmers and Gardeners 7/28/2010 11:46:28 AM By Shelley Stonebrook, Mother Earth News Managing your crops isn’t always easy, but now there is a new application on to help. now features customizable local weather applications, including an Agriculture Application where farmers can get their daily forecast with precipitation, and […]

Conservation for the sake of conservation doesn’t work!

This story is just another example of why we cannot expect to reforest and conserve our rainforests and other natural resources without tying an self-sustaining economic generator into our projects… conservation means nothing to someone who does not have any food on their table and can’t afford to educate their children! – Jeremy   Can Sustainability Grow in a […]

Central CA Regional Obesity Prevention Program recognized for work in South Stockton

The key to solving hunger and obesity in Stockton is working together! The Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program has begun to make headway on changing the environment in South Stockton to help prevent childhood obesity. – Jeremy Terhune   Fighting environmental factors in childhood obesity By Joe Goldeen Record Staff Writer July 16, 2010 12:00 AM […]

We need to Redefine our idea of Power

Why Power Is Not a Dirty Word Frances Moore Lappé looks at redefining power and taking it back.   Why are we as societies creating a world that we as individuals abhor? It’s a mind-bending question. Who, after all, gets up in the morning pledging to starve children? Yet, each day over 24,000 young children […]

“Rurbalization”: Re-thinking food security in urban communities

RURBALIZATION? Greening—and feeding—the city with a ‘garden block’ By: Daniel Nairn, It looks like one of the main take-aways from the Congress for the New Urbanism 18 conference is something being labeled “agrarian urbanism.” Fast Company is calling it the “new new urbanism” and Treehugger has described the notion as the next phase in […]

Small is Beautiful!

Thinking Big by Starting Small This Op-ed was printed in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer By Stephanie Hanson, Danielle Nierenberg, and Molly Theobald It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the fact that 1 billion people worldwide are going to bed hungry every night. And, in the United States, it is easy to look at sub-Saharan Africa – where […]

Manteca Bulletin: PUENTES Garden at SJC Fair

Everything coming up roses (& more) at fair By Rose Albano-Risso Avid gardeners will find many freebies to take home and plenty of gardening ideas at the San Joaquin County Fair which is wrapping up its final day today from noon to 7 p.m. As soon as you step inside the fair’s main entrance, […]