Growing Healthy Lunches With School Gardens

By: Jennifer Kongs Parents, teachers and nutritionists alike have long advocated for healthier school lunches. While providing fresh vegetables for the school lunch program, school gardens are also part of a growing green school trend focused on making more sustainable schools. The Green School Initiative notes, “Many schools around the world have planted edible gardens […]

US Gives $50 Million for Clean Burning Stoves in Developing World

by Brit Liggett Yesterday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced a public-private partnership called the Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves to which the US government will donate $50 million to increase the number of clean burning cook stoves in the developing world. In less developed nations, most people cook on stoves that use […]

Not a Sweet Idea: Rebranding HFCS as “Corn Sugar”

This  news is incredibly frustrating – instead of creating healthy alternatives, the ag industry prefers to rebrand and repackage the same poison that is helping cause diabetes and obesity in our children as somehting different! – Jeremy The battle against high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) seemed to be leaning towards victory. Consumers have become increasingly […]

Population Growth: A Conversation Nobody Wants to Have

Population taboo stokes doubt over Millennium Development Goals by Agence France-Presse. PARIS—Of all the issues that will be aired from the pulpit of the U.N.‘s development summit this week, one is likely to stand out by its absence: What should be done about the world’s population explosion? To many campaigners, demographic growth is the gorilla […]

Indigenous tribes, ranchers team to battle Amazon fires

From: Rhett Butler Facing the worst outbreak of forest fires in three years, cattle ranchers and indigenous tribesmen in the southern Amazon have teamed up to extinguish nearly two dozen blazes over the past three months, offering hope that new alliances between long-time adversaries could help keep deforestation rates in the Brazilian Amazon on a […]

Compost: Be Careful What you put in your Pile

One [Mother Earth News] Reader Shares Personal Experience With Killer Compost on Her Homestead By: Jennifer Kongs Killer compost has negatively affected farms and gardens across the country. Toxic herbicides containing the chemical aminopyralid have become more common on ranches and lawns. Since aminopyralid is resistant to breaking down, many small-scale organic farmers have suffered […]

Mother Earth News Conducts Nationwide Pest Survey

Nationwide Organic Pest Control Survey: Take the Survey, Plus Read Results If you’re a gardener and you haven’t taken our Pest Control Survey, we’re hoping you can spare about 10 minutes to give us your valuable feedback. We’re working on an exciting project to provide region-specific advice about the most common garden pests and the […]