80% Of All US’ Antibiotics Given To Farm Animals

Even for someone who follows sustainable agriculture and animal welfare issues, this is pretty astounding: New analysis by the Center for a Livable Future shows that 80% of all antibiotics sold in the United States go to farm animals (Wired). The last time that stat was calculated, a decade ago by the Union of Concerned Scientists, […]

State rolls back diesel pollution limits

by Susanne Rust State officials are taking a step back from reducing air pollution. The California Air Resources Board is planning on rolling back diesel emission limits for trucks, buses, bulldozers, backhoes and other construction equipment. The move will “extend relief to businesses, particularly the construction industry, which is really suffering,” said Karen Caesar, board spokeswoman. […]

Earthworms Could Be Used to Clean Up Hazardous Toxins in Soil

Cleaning up disused industrial sites can be a hazardous line of work, however researchers in South America have found an ally in one of the most unlikely creatures on the planet: the earthworm. According to the last issue of International Journal of Global Environmental Issues, researchers believe that earthworms may be able to process “hazardous material containing […]

Is “Peak Fertilizer” Nearer Than We Think? New Report Fuels Concern

By: Sami Grover Earlier this week John was musing about how “peak fertilizer” could make manure a valuable commodity once more, and if Gene Logsdon’s guide to managing manure is to be believed, some mega-farmers are getting back into livestock precisely because it gives them access to poop. Now a new report adds fuel to this fire—suggesting […]

10 Urban Spaces Around the World Reborn as Vibrant Green Parks

In some cities, parks are replacing asphalt, and city dwellers are suddenly discovering new green space just steps away. To make cities more livable for an often growing population, government officials, activists and citizens are reclaiming unused or abandoned structures and lots and turning them into new, vibrant green spots that fill the surrounding areas with life. […]

Turning an Invasive Species into a Livelihood

We have plenty of water hyacinth to spare in San Joaquin County for something like this! – Jeremy   [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Gm2WQbJkA&feature=player_embedded]