Goggio Family Foundation Endorses Boggs Tract Community Farm!

PUENTES just received a $10,000 grant from the Goggio Family Foundation to build a much needed greenhouse, buy organic seeds and fertilizers, and help pay for irrigation equipment for Boggs Tract Community Farm! In early 2011 PUENTES submitted a grant proposal to the Goggio Family Foundation’s  Community Development and Social Change Program to help develop the Farm. The mission of the Goggio […]

Eat More Greens in the New Year

It turns out that while some people may  eat above and beyond their daily caloric intake, they may be suffering from “hidden hunger”. Click here to read more: http://www.organicgardening.com/marias-blog-source/eat-more-greens-new-year

Frito-Lay Sued for Labeling GMO Ingredients as All Natural

It’s no secret that large scale manufacturers have been vigilantly responding to consumers that are becoming more and more interested in natural food products. But in the case of Frito-Lay, they may be making more marketing changes than changes to actual food products. A law suit was recently filed against Frito-Lay for claiming that its products […]

What We Learned From A Year Without Food From A Grocery Store

I can’t believe it’s been a year now since we started our year without groceries. We learned a lot in that year. We are definitely healthier, but also we’re happier. Our relationship with each other is stronger as we’ve had to learn how to really work well together. When we first decided to do a […]

The bugs that ate Monsanto

Now that 94 percent of the soy and 70 percent of the corn grown in the U.S. are genetically modified, Monsanto — one of the companies that dominates the GMO seed market  — might look to some like it’s winning. But if we look a little closer, I’d say they’re holding on by a thread. Their current […]

Who Are The Young Farmers Of ‘Generation Organic’?

For decades, as young people have been leaving farms behind, the average age of the American farmer has been rising. The last time the government counted farmers, in 2002, the average farmer was 55-years-old. But there’s a new surge of youthful vigor into American agriculture — at least in the corner of it devoted to organic, local food. […]

Black (fly) magic

Black soldier fly larvae are all the rage in composting, and the star performer in a new kind of “ultimate vermicomposting” system. These critters will devour anything biological that you can throw at them, including items that normally cannot be composted and instead end up in the trash, so called ‘putrescent’ wastes like meat scraps […]