Crayfish anyone?

I am convinced that here is huge potential for raising “Crawdads”  in urban farms. They can be fed vegetable waste and hay from the farm, and: “Freshwater crayfish are highly regarded as a delicacy as they are very similar to shrimp or lobster in taste and texture…high protein and low-fat.” I found a few books […]

Deception: Are Eggs Labeled “Free Range” Really Free?

One of the Worst Ways to Eat Eggs The definitions of “free-range” are such that the commercial egg industry can run industrial farm egg laying facilities and still call them “free-range” eggs, despite the fact that the birds’ foraging conditions are far from what you’d call natural. True free-range eggs are from hens that roam freely outdoors […]

PUENTES Releases 2011 Annual Report

2011 was a great year for PUENTES! At their annual meeting, the Board of Directors unvieled their 2011 Annual Report. Click here to download your copy of PUENTES 2011 Annual Report

Successful Farm Work Day Boggs Tract!

Although PUENTES hosted a small crowd at Boggs Tract Community Farm on Saturday, March 10, our volunteers put their noses to the grindstone! Together we finished building the final group of raised beds for the CSA program, helped families install their irrigation systems in their plots, and worked on the main crop area. PUENTES family shareholder, Benjamin Jiminez […]

Why does the USDA want to feed School Children SLOP?

Pink Slime For School Lunch: Government Buying 7 Million Pounds Of Ammonia-Treated Meat For Meals Pink slime — that ammonia-treated meat in a bright Pepto-bismol shade — may have been rejected by fast food joints like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King, but is being brought in by the tons for the nation’s school lunch […]

Let’s Plant an Urban Food Forest in Stockton!

Seattle’s First Urban Food Forest Will Be Open To Foragers If you’re a regular reader of The Salt, you’ve probably noticed our interest in foraging. From San Francisco to Maryland, we’ve met wild food experts, nature guides and chefs passionate about picking foods growing in their backyards. Now, Washington state has jumped on the foraging […]