High Cost of Fruits, Veggies Tied to Higher Body Fat in Young Children

High prices for fresh fruits and vegetables are associated with higher Body Mass Index (BMI) in young children in low- and middle-income households, according to American University researchers in the journal Pediatrics. “There is a small, but significant, association between the prices of fruit and vegetables and higher child BMI,” said Taryn Morrissey, the study’s lead author […]

Obesity epidemic worsens in CA

Obesity, diabetes epidemics continue to grow in California, UCLA study finds By: BJS, Scienceblog.com A majority of adults in California are obese or overweight, and more than 2 million have been diagnosed with diabetes, according to a new study from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research. Both conditions — which are related to each […]

Limited Availability of Grocery Stores Contributes to Obesity

Study finds that low-income women living in small cities have higher chance of obesity   A recent Kansas State University study found that the availability of supermarkets — rather than the lack of them –increased the risk of obesity for low-income women living in small cities. This suggests that policies to increase healthful eating behaviors […]