We wouldn’t be where we are if it weren’t for your outpouring of love and support. Click below to learn about how you can help us grow.

we're so grateful for everything you provide

We are creating community in Boggs Tract, a historically under-served neighborhood. Our members are  well on their way to establishing viable businesses with our support. PUENTES is teaching residents how to successfully operate a farm and how to grow healthy food, with the hopes that we can eliminate poverty one plate at a time. This couldn’t happen without your generous gifts of time, talent, and love. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank you for your ever-present support and look forward to working together to continue to grow our community. To help the organization reach its full potential, we need your continued financial support. There is no amount too small or too large.

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PUENTES is a 501(c)3 nonprofit (EIN: 27-0715942) which makes all of your donations a tax deductible gift that will help families in need.

Want to donate something other than money?

We accept anything you’re willing to donate including time spent volunteering, or something tangible. We’re currently in need of a few items such as:

1. 8-10 Tables & 40-50 Chairs

2. Rack to transport chairs & tables

3. 8-10 table cloths

4. Projector Screen

5. Oven Mitts, Napkins

6. Apron

7. Propane for grill

8. Stainless steel serving & prep bowls

9. Stainless steel pots & pans (stock pots & lids)

10. Pizza paddle

11. 10 gal. water cooler/thermos for iced drinks

12. Wood for pizza oven

13. Cooking utensils: Spatulas, tongs, grill scraper, long forks, knives, wooden spoons, large metal spoons and slotted spoons, large serving forks

14. Garden tools for plot holders: hoes, shovels, wheel barrows, picks, hula ho weeders

15. Serving dishes, bowls & flatware & 40-person camping dish set of reusable dishes

16. 40 Drinking glasses

17. 40 Coffee cups

18. Plastic water pitchers

19. Salt/Pepper shakers, sugar bowl, creamer pitcher

20. Coffee pot

21. Griddles

22. Outdoor lighting

23. Dish towels, wash cloths

24. Dish soap, sponges, scouring pads, cleaning supplies

25. dish drainer

26. Large harvesting baskets

Photo courtesy of Jessica Bryant (header)

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