What do we do?

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that educates the Central Valley of California on environmental stewardship and food equity. We’re most often recognized for running Boggs Tract Community Farm, but that is only one project that falls under the PUENTES umbrella. We currently have 6+ programs that are all working cohesively to create communal change. 

Boggs Tract Community Farm

Boggs Tract Community Farm is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think of our organization. It is a 7 acre fully functioning farm with crops, chickens, bees and 32 member owned plots.

Incubator Program

We are doing our part to help foster local economic growth and empowerment by assisting the creation of multiple agricultural businesses.

Urban Forestry

From 2017 onward, PUENTES has been participating in the revitalization of Stockton's tree canopy. There are currently three ongoing forestry projects that require extensive collaboration from individual community members, as well as our local business partners.

This is what we do.

BT Market

Want to take home a piece of the farm? Every Saturday (starting September 14th) our Incubators will host a market from 9-1 at Boggs Tract Community Farm. Our nursery is also open for business starting September 14th, so come check out our seedling selection!

SJC Community Garden

This was the original community garden run by PUENTES before BTCF was created. The space is still a thriving ecosystem of community members and their small plots.

Education Program

Our education program currently has two parts. Our Outdoor Classroom allows local students to get involved and our Nurbaculture Program bridges food culture into South Sacramento.

Our community receives...

  • Boggs Tract’s naturally grown produce. No pesticides, no chemicals. Just dirt and clean food.
  • Economic empowerment through the opportunity to become one of our incubator projects and learn valuable job skills through our nurbaculture program
  • An advocate for equitable access access to green spaces and cleaner air courtesy of our Urban Forestry efforts
  • A true farm to fork infrastructure that allows community members to not only meet their farmer, but also their beekeeper who maintains the apiary and harvests honey

Believe in what we're doing?

Photos courtesy of George Dale (header) and Jessica Bryant (right column)

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