Get a free Oak tree!

Yes, free. You read that correctly! You can get a 100% discount on the next tree you put in front of your home or business thanks to our Urban Forestry program. When we teamed up with CalFire in 2017, we started over 500 trees from seed in our nursery with the intention of spreading these native species into the Stockton community. Two years later, and now those seedlings are ready to be transplanted into your home or business! Want a free Valley Oak? Tell us when and where to deliver your new sapling using the form below, and we’ll be there shortly! 

What can a Valley Oak do for you and our city?

In a sentence, trees have been shown to increase energy conservation, reduce storm water run-off, increase the longevity of street and house surfaces, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, increase public health, improve local water, soil, and air conditions, take particulate matter out of the air so it doesn’t end up in your lungs, decrease crime, aid mental health, and so much more.

What makes a Valley Oak a better option?

  • They’re a native species which means they’re already suited to live in this climate naturally; you don’t have to take special care of your sapling, they take care of themselves!
  • Oaks are notoriously large trees which means they provide more shade near your home or business. This leads to not only an increase in property value, but also an increase in energy efficiency.
  • Because of their extensive root systems, Valley Oaks are exceptionally good at absorbing water thus reducing storm water run-off. This decrease in run-off can mitigate flood risk and preserve our cities infrastructure.
  • Oaks are carbon intaking machines! They can live up to 600 years old under the right conditions, which means they can put a significant dent in carbon emissions throughout their lifetimes. Do your part in saving the ozone layer and plant an Oak!
  • The Valley Oak’s large canopy catches rainwater before it has the chance to hit your house or the street which decreases the rain’s erosion power, and increases the longevity of that fresh coat of paint you put on your shutters.
  •  Oaks are responsible for increasing the biodiversity in the soil around them, so say hello to a nearby flourishing garden!


Get your free Valley Oak today!

If you would like to be contacted about receiving a free oak tree at your residence or business, please fill out the information below.

Get an Oak Tree

Photo courtesy of  Nature in Novato (header)

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